Does Open Source Suck ?

I thought of writing this blog in English to address misleading information provided at in regard to open source technologies. The given weblog doesn’t contain any valid arguments but some inexperienced bullshitting which indicates lack of industry experience at a higher level. The author should back what he has written with valid *facts* instead of talking nonsense/gossips. The first seven paragraphs are ignored for I don’t see he has written anything meaningful to back the $subject.

I have highlighted that authors statements in red while mine keeping it in black:

He says “There are some people who talk highly about open source; most of them hate commercial software and the wealth they have massed from it.”

This is a funny statement. Whom does he refer as “There are some people” ?? The people he met on the streets ? What’s his background to declare such a bullshit statement ? to prove he’s an idiot ? What’s the yardstick been used to measure the term he has used “some people” ? who are they ? from where are they come from ? what’s their IT background ? how did you select those people ? rubbish! So let me answer some of the other newbie questions he has raised.
“open source world doesn’t realize is that windows actually works, just double click on a program to install click next, next , agree, finish, that’s all, no need to worry about it afterwards. No need to spend 10 hours reading documentations before installing something.”

For a moron like you, perhaps, it will take more than that. I installed Gentoo Linux in 2004 from the source code, not from the binary. The given documentation is excellent!! It took less than 2 hours for me to compete the installation from the source code. But there are many Linux distributions where you can do ‘click button installation”. Windoez had a character based installer until vista, where as Linux having a rich GUI driven installation since 1999-2000 (which is the time I switched to Linux).

Ok, now coming back to the question, why the heck I had to install Gentoo from the source code ? The answer is, I don’t want to install unnecessary components and their dependencies on my machine. It is because dear moron, each component you install on your machine consumes hard disk space and resources, so why the heck I install the software or components which I don’t want to run on my machine, which eats up resources? I could install one of the latest Linux distributions on a 486DX2 machine on a 200MB HDD, with a GUI. Also I can show you Apache WS running on that machine. Can you do this with your vista ? What’s the minimum RAM required for vista ? and why ? My Fedora 8 consumes just ~130MB on those given laptops, while running MySQL, SSHD, FTPD and Apache.

The beauty of Linux is the low level customization it offers, where you can eliminate unwanted components and their dependencies to make your operating system the way you want it to be. This results in offering a higher speed with optimal performance. Again, operating system(s) and software are contextual , it differs from a person to person from their usage and requirements. I’m a middleware application developer as well as an end user.

Right now, i’m using two laptops, Dell XPS 1330 (2.2 GHz 800 FSB 4MB Cache ++) and Lenovo T 60 (Same as Dell, 2.2 GHz 800 FSB 4MB Cache ++) both running on Fedora 8. I’ve got my fingerprint reader, web cam, card reader wireless, USB 3G modem working.. you name it.. everything work fine.. so where’s the problem this dolt highlights ?

You can’t drive a car without a valid driving license, which is the basic requirement to drive a car. For everything there’s a minimum requirement so as for a Personal Computer also to use Linux. The skills you’ve got to ride a push bike won’t help you to drive an Audi A6, you need skills my friend. So the dumb skills you have on windoez won’t help you to work on such sophisticated Linux environment. You need to brush up your skills and scale up, you can’t blame a technology saying it’s hard so because you’re dumb. Further, Windoez didn’t have a GUI driven installation until Vhizta_sucks, where as Linux boasts this since 1999-2000.

When you’re using windoez, the upgrade process is a PITA. Why do you have to upgrade the entire installation ? why can’t you just upgrade the kernel ? The various packaging mechanisms introduced in Linux helps you to install/upgrade any specific library without worrying much.

“The best example is Google. They have developed a way to offer lots of free services while earning considerable amount of money for future researches and developments. Free means, no money, lack of resources, no innovation and no progress.”

Moron, do you know the technologies what google uses ? I know you’re stupid, but how you show up that you’re stupid is my concern. If you don’t know, ask, without bullshitting and misleading the general public. Google, Yahoo, Amazon are very good use cases for FOSS technologies. In 2001-2002 google tried to replace their MySQL servers with one of the popular closed source products, but the end results convinced them to stick to MySQL. I’ll leave you to find-out more about GWS (Google web server) and the operating system they use as an assignment to improve your general knowledge on these areas. Again, their code base is Python and Java mostly, which are again Open Source. 😀

“Most open source software’s collapse at the end simply because they don’t have enough money or resources to plan themselves for the future.”

Can you name a few please ? what do you mean as “most open source software” ? What’s the composition of the “most” to which you’re referring to ? Dude, Open Source is the future, as you can see, more and more Closed Source products are becoming open source, ie Java, Solaris .. and many on the pipeline. What do you have to say on the success of Fire Fox ? Don’t you know that m$ was running their hotmail server up until very recent (2005-2006) on a unix system ? 😀


“The problems with open source programming I s that they only think about programming but not about user friendliness or the interface.”

Windoez got the worst UI design. You can have just one workspace in windoez, you don’t have multiple workspaces like in Linux. But again this is contextual, we know what most of the kids who pee in their pants ask for .. a fancy , decorated UI. I know what you mean, with rose and pink colored buttons .. hmm gotcha .. we don’t have such a pu**y UI in Linux, sorry. 😉

“When you use open source software, if you encounter even a simple problem, you may have to read through 100 of documents and user forum until you find a solution.”

Yes you need to do this when you haven’t done your “home work” first, first you need to RTFM. 😉 Can you point any bad documentation as such ? Open Source products got the best breed of documentation. Just don’t say things for your lack of awareness… “prove” with facts. (I’m talking about system level software, *not* application level Joomla, . again.. do you need a detailed document with instructions on how to open a bottle of coke ? 😉 .. grow up )


“Can we play video games in Linux or Ubuntu?”

Yes you can, this is becoming popular little by little. You can’t play all the games, which is true for the focus on Linux is not to provide and entertain those who pee on their pants to play games.. PCs are not made to play games… but designed and develop for a far better purposes. When the first PC was design developed , they didn’t developed an entertainment box but a machine to do far better things. If you want to play games, go and buy a play station, which is meant to play games.. or an X-Box. Use the right tool for right purpose.

“Since so many developers may join and leave the project, it may take a lot of time for a new guy to join the ongoing project and contribute efficiently.”

If the new guy joining the project is a moron like you, sure.. it will take sometime .. but at the other hand, if someone joins an ongoing project, it takes time for that person to get familiar with the business logic and to get the domain specific knowledge in regard to the application you develop, this is quite common for any given project.

“Check the speed of windows XP vs Red Hat Linux

Yes we have checked and convinced, so were using Linux. If your god damn windoez is so powerful, can you show me just ONE success story on windoez…? if windoez is so fascinating as you think… why the heck Amazon, Google and Yahoo are using it and they have succeeded in what they do ? Do you know what’s the operating system which New York Stock Exchange runs on ? it’s Red Hat Linux 😉

“Most of the open source software guys has strong tendency to refuse to learn anything from commercial rivals”

This shows your stupidity and lack of awareness on things.. this should be other way around, are you an IT lecturer ?? This thun kootiyka devi dewathaawunge pihitai .. for the students learn from you.. 😀

“If some one found a security hole in windows Vista, it would be on the news because there is some one to take responsibility, and there will be an immediate action taken from Microsoft. But if it happens in Open Source software, it’s just a coding glitch, that’s all, no urgency to correct it, that’s obvious; they don’t get paid for that.”

Windoez vhista has many security holes… when windoez 2000 was released, F-Secure guys caught over 10,000 security vulnerabilities in windoez 2000 and they were ready to help m$ to fix them, but m$ said.. they have better engineers to do it.. but sadly, m$ managed to fix just 500 odd fixes .. On most of the FOSS software, you don’t find such security issues for they have been tested by millions of users.. and if they encounter any, they fix them immediately and put the fixes on the upstream.

Again, FOSS softwares have a rapid development cycle with frequent releases, patches and updates .. so you’d get these fixes quite faster.. maybe in a couple of days. for the FOSS developers actively work on those. Further, if you found a serious problem, you can directly communicate with the FOSS developers on IRC, where as in m$ you can’t go near their asses. Since you’re too dumb to understand…I’d like to ask the duration which m$ took to release vista service pack1.. and how many days they delayed it..?? so now you have a better understanding who’s fast and responsive.


Kind request to the author of blog.
Be responsible for what you write. If you don’t know something please ask. When you comment on things which you don’t know like what you have done on your blog leaves a bad impression on Sri Lankans. The people might think that the Sri Lankans are dumb morons, when you write baseless allegations on FOSS, without backing them up with valid facts.

Finally, I haven’t done any low level technical compare and contrast stuff between these two entities, since the author of timeseye doesn’t seem to be a good developer or a technical person at any capacity, which is proved far beyond with his infantile arguments. Those who read this blog may be the judge between these two lines. Please accept my sincere apology for writing a long blog again in English… Have a great day guys!

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8 Comments on “Does Open Source Suck ?”

  1. 42gems Says:

    i read that other blog a while back and thought it was total bull crap too. good to hear someone argue the open source side.

  2. tidalbobo Says:

    i dont want to poke my head or hand in to a FOSS/opensource/$ debate. But let me make some observations.

    1. Tone : we are all entitled to our views. Some respect when tacking opinions of another reveals a lot of character

    2. Linux is not an operating system. Its the kernel. Redhat/mandrake/Debian are distributions that pack the kernal and utilities to make an OS. So far i havent met a layman who can do this reading some docs. Run a build script yes!

    3. An application spends most of its life cycle under maintenance phase. I will not trust my company with a software how ever good, if no one will fix its problems tomorrow. Who would buy a car tht has no spare parts?

    4. The emerging trend of $ for opensource app support is a fact.

    All this said, something is better than nothing, if im on a limited budget…Or police is gonna pound on my door for IP violations

  3. Ashen Says:

    well said dude!!

    i wonder wheather that one is an IT lecturer 😛
    i feel sory about his students..

    anyway you have told all the thing so we dont have anything to tell 😀

    well done!!

  4. rain king Says:

    >>1. Tone : we are all entitled to our views. Some respect when tacking opinions of another reveals a lot of character

    i have used a very mild tone to address some baseless wild allegations. i don’t put much weight on those words 😉

    >>2. Linux is not an operating system. Its the kernel.
    it seems you have mistaken here. i know what linux and kernel is.. 😉 generally Linux based distributions are referred as Linux.. which is the most generalized way of encapsulating all the Linux based distros, including BSD and solaris , they don’t use the vanilla kernel which is available on .. 🙂

    >>3. An application spends most of its life cycle under maintenance phase.
    any application goes under maintenance stage once it’s deployed. the cost and resources you’ve got to invest during maintenance stage differs, and this is subjected to how you’d developed your application. if you have followed the deprecated SDLC ++, then it’s obvious that the project could eats up lot of resources during maintenance.

    on traditional SW development they allocate a budget of 30%-40% for maintenance, but this has dropped down to 5%-10% in recent times. i’m not talking about the feature requests or enhancements.. but the basic maintenance. so i do *not* agree with your point. the project has to be poorly analysed & designed with bad design patterns + lack of skills to have anything beyond 10% mark.

    >>4. The emerging trend of $ for opensource app support is a fact.
    it depends on the level of expertise you’ve got . there are large number of companies where they run 100% open source SW, without any professional support. can’t expose their names for which is not that ethical. mostly, they get support via forums. i’m getting loads of questions via forums from them. to tell you the truth, i’m getting around 1500-2000 questions on forums.. per 4 weeks .. with our analysis .. these figures are getting increased day by day.. indicating the growth and usage of FOSS.

    >>All this said, something is better than nothing, if im on a limited budget…Or police is gonna pound on my door for IP violations

    this is not quite _correct_. there was a time where people used for FOSS due to budgeting issues, but not anymore… now they go for FOSS, for they know the value and the quality which they get. quicker release cycles of patches updates .. Fedora RHEL , Ubuntu, Suse are a few of those .. 🙂


  5. Josh Says:

    tidalbobo isn’t mistaken when he says that Linux is the name of the kernel, thats correct.
    BSD and Solaris aren’t Linux based, BSD is a Unix derivitave and Solaris is a Unix-based OS, neither have anything to do with the Linux kernel.

  6. rain king Says:

    >>tidalbobo isn’t mistaken when he says that Linux is the name of the kernel, thats correct.

    True. we all all know what’s Linux is.. but as I’ve said in response to him. I have used the term “Linux” at a more generalized form to encapsulate all nix based distributions, including BSD,Solaris though they don’t use the vanilla kernel. This is what i’ve told tidalbobo:

    it seems you have mistaken here. i know what linux and kernel is.. 😉 generally Linux based distributions are referred as Linux.. which is the most generalized way of encapsulating all the Linux based distros, including BSD and solaris , they don’t use the vanilla kernel which is available on ..

  7. why you spend that much of your valuable time for a bluffer.

  8. hi. You should use less ad hominems in your arguments (cos i’m a moron). And seriously, documentation is piss poor for idiots like me. There is a lot of text in the documentation but the quality is very very bad for i’m too stupid to understand. In fact it may direct you to do something you shouldn’t otherwise do, cos I’m dumb and i don’t know how to get directed myself via documentation.

    Does documentation cover every aspect and error? no. In fact the programmer tells you to f*** off if you have found a bug. They tell you it’s your problem. that you’re stupid. (Yes , of course I am) Case in point. 64 bit debian install with Nvidia drivers. I HAD TO MODIFY THE F***ING KERNEL TO USE A F***KING BETA DRIVER SO IT WOULD CRASH ON STARTUP ALL THE F***ING TIME AT BEST. THIS IS BECAUSE I’M A SICK SON OF A BITCH, A BASTARD AND I MESS UP WITH THINGS BY MY OWN STUPIDITY. IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF GOOD SOFTWARE? IT DOESN’T TOLERATE MY ERRORS, BUT THEY GET REFLECTED BY GETTING THE SYSTEM TO CRASH. I NEED A LINUX DISTRIBUTION WHICH IS MEANT FOR DUMB STUPID ASSHOLES LIKE ME.

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