my favorite politician – dr. marvain silva

when it comes to our local politics, i have no other favorite politician than dr. maravin silva. i have put him on that slot due to the unique quality he has, which most of the sri lankans have failed to identify. sad but true.

we all know politicians are the curse for this country and we all know how stupid and dumb they are. but it takes time for us to understand their stupidity. you need to observe them for a while to understand how stupid and dumb they’re, for a period of time to put that stamp on them.

cbk is a good example, most thought she’s going to do something to the country(??), but ended up doing the worst damage in the entire history competing well with jr and premadasa. and it took SOME TIME for people to understand how stupid and dumb she is.

but with my favorite, you don’t have to consume time trying to identify who he is. for he calls him self that he’s a stupid idiot. which is the great quality i have seen in him, to nominate as my favorite politician. what’s missing in him is a tattoo on his forehead reading as “i’m an idiot”. imho, i don’t think that’s needed, for his actions speak on behalf of himself. further, he represents the bravery 2500 people who vote for him and doing the justice for them.

as a result of mastering the subjects of “Practical Stupidity” and “Concepts of a Donkey” during his day to day conduct in a well controlled manner, he achieved the well deserved PhD for that. being a relative of king dutu gemunu, he’s a devoted father for his children. his children have proved beyond any doubts that they’re following father’s footsteps, showing the same _great_ qualities.

you really don’t have to be surprised, if he claims himself to be a relative of buddha. for that’s what he is and the PhD is given for. finally, i’m proud to have him as my favorite politician for the given facts. keep going my friend!!

-rain king

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2 Comments on “my favorite politician – dr. marvain silva”

  1. sampath Says:

    nice story. anyt story about Mahinda brotherhood company?

  2. Rain King Says:

    well, i don’t see any issues having his family tree as long as they don’t eat up public resources. i’m pleased how Gotabhaya is performing, he’s doing exceptionally well.

    but we have concerns on Pathola Chinthanaya and MR’s pathola approach over corruption and against people like Dirty Bogollagama kinda sick politicians and each and every family member of that stingy shameless family of bogollagama, where they cheat, rob and misuse public funds shamelessly ..

    Mahinda Wijesekara is another off the same caliber, and no excuse for Mr. Pathola Rajapakksha to have this stingy dr. silva in the parliament who got precious 2500 votes and topped the election results sheet from the bottom

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