in general, i don’t listen to anything other than the coolest metal music. like Slayer, As I Lay Dying, Poison the Well, Opeth, Daath,HIM, Story of the Year, Slipknot, Anthrax ++

however, a few weeks back .. one of the sweetest ..beautiful (yeah, she’s like a super model) girls known to me, sent me this link.. of one oof kean’s on-stage performances… with a note saying .. ‘please give up heavy metals’. the conversation we had on music turned into a fierce argument and resulted in falling in love with one another.

(most of the arguments were carried out with a controlled + decent manner with a lesser number of “F”s. despite she giving up on this creature, things turned the other way around. ended myself being hooked by this track.)

i don’t find anything nice or rhythmic in this song.. this is just a dull track.. no feeling whatsoever .. but i like it . perhaps it’s for the fact that i got this from my loved one ? or have i become so stupid to listen to this kinda dull music ? just let me know if you guys find something on this

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One Comment on “bedshaped”

  1. haha man ! so you do have a soft spot for pretty girls !

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