vacation of a weirdo – part 2

meeting my friends at 18:00 hrs

once i settled at the hotel, my primary objective was accomplished, finding a place to sleep. 🙂 now i have to find the folks who have come from my place. _all_ the soccer/cricket teams existed during my school days are like one big family. my best friend is the soccer coach at my school and all his _disciples_ are mine too. 😀

i rang one of the best players we had at our defenses, Roy.

Roy, do you know any of our folks in the town? at n-eliya ? can you get me connected to them”

yeah, Hiran (striker) and Neranga along with Manoj (mid fielder) are there, i will make them come your way”

Sudheera (defender) was there too, the guy who got the highest number of red cards at a season, in our league. 😛

beer marathon – 18th April 2008” to improve urinal performances

within the next couple of minutes to my surprise, we all met. they managed to locate me. they were the best soccer players we had during the 2002 season and the worst trouble makers at the other hand. 😀 extremely difficult to control .. worst.. yeah the worst kind.. but the faith they have on us made things easy to keep these young demons under control, for they listen to us.. when we make sense 😛

the next move was to have a beer, a beer marathon!! so they took me to a temporary beer stall at the Gregory lake, called “Pub”. it was noisy and definitely not my kinda place or the music. but the beer marathon kept us going.

pub - n-eliya

the stack of empty cups will clearly show you that we had a nice beer marathon. at 22:00 hours, the first ever beer marathon we had, ended successfully at n-eliya. i managed to empty 8-10 cups and urine 4-6 times, so it was a successful event and we’ve decided to have it next year once again to make more people pee.

beer marathon

but on the following day, i was embarrassed with what i saw :


so we didn’t want to repeat the same mistake again. Never!!! we were embarrassed. this banner influenced us to get rid of beer, so…. we switched to Smirnoff 😀


to be continued..

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  1. reshan Says:

    thats my boy

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