vacation of a weirdo – part 1

ever since i came to sri lanka, i was stormed with e-mails and notifications, asking not to touch the laptop during my vacation. i was asked not to work during this period. so a tour to n-eliya was on the cards.

the tour was set to kick off initially with my brother-in-law but with his beautiful let down; i had to rely on no one, but myself. 😀

so the tour was well set, the plan was to visit bandarawela and its outskirts, _alone_ by train. on 18th i reached fort railway station and got myself a ticket to bandarawela.

when i reached the platform, it was like a bunch of players awaiting for a marathon to begin the run. when the train starts marching towards the platform, which was marked as “3”. all i had to do was, just to put one foot on the train, the thrust came from the crowd made me seated, probably setting a new world record to capture a seat…. at a fraction of a second. 😀

however, it wasn’t boring at all.. a bunch of guys filled in the absence of an audio player as they kept on singing until we’ve reached hatton. trust me, they are talented!!

the runaway band, providing entertainment , on the run

i was there to witness one of the worst environment tragedies in recent times, to see the destruction of the environment/nature as the construction work of Upper Kothmale hydro power project was in progress. so i was silently participating for one of the worst funerals of our decaying nature.

upper kothmale in progress

anyway, as the train took more than what it was expected, i had to cut short the tour at nanuoya; so reached n-eliya at 17:05 hrs. though it was the peak of n-eliya summer festival, i managed to grab a room and stay at the grand hotel, n-elya. i believe that the conversation i had at the reception gave an indication of the animal who’s going to stay there 😛

sir, how many days are you planning to stay?”

i dunno”, i replied.

hell yeah, i didn’t know for how long i’m going to stay there, by that time.

i’m a person who goes thru life, not knowing what’s out there.. facing life .. taking day by day.. facing things as they come in… so how the hell i could say about tomorrow ?

however, the hotel staff was soooo friendly and gave me an excellent service during my 5 day stay there 🙂 kudos for their exceptional service!!

to be continued ….

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