using windoez after eight years

thanks to crappy windoez, i’m enjoying some time out with my friends and loved ones, mainly because i’ve got no clue how to use this crappy OS 😀 the problems i have encountered so far are : memory leaks (critical) + bugs on this license copy of windoez vista_sucks + not very developer friendly. 😦

unlike Linux, windoez don’t have no clue whatsoever how to keep the boot loader intact pointing to my Fedora partition, when installing windoez over Fedora. the re-installation of windoez left me in the darkness without letting me access my Fedora.

i’m *not* going to invest time to fix this issue during my vacation, so no sinhala blogging until this is solved, after my vacation. 😛

back to the $title, to describe a long story short, installing VPN on windoez is PITA. i can’t truly understand how people could do their day to day work on windoez.. no clue .. it’s a nightmare to do development work on that piece of shit, sucks big time. moreover, the OS is so bitchy, you need to waste so many key strokes + mouse movements to get even a small things done. damn it!!

duh !! the memory leaks .. errr.. how inefficient this ?? trying to report some of the bugs i have encountered . though i have tons * tons to blog in sinhala (not gossips or bullshit), there’s no way i could do until i solve this.. probably after 5th may ??

i believe i’ve been forced to test myself with my patience .. by letting me using windoez for a while.. hmm.. but with no results.. trying hard to keep my mouth shut, from letting F-bombs coming out of it. 😉

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2 Comments on “using windoez after eight years”

  1. prasan Says:

    🙂 But Vista is the only OS on earth u can install in two minutes. ( ) 🙂

    We miss ur sinhala blogging. Though I completely agree with u, the story about Vista is not enough to avoid sinhala blogging. I think u have enough time to download Super GRUB disk and recover Fedora bootloader. (it’s a two minute job and you can fix grub within Windoez)

  2. flanker Says:

    hi Prasan,

    Fedora 9 is just a couple of weeks away.. so that made me bit lazy..for i can switch to 9 right away. 🙂 i’m sure, you’d have lot to write this time around with Fedora 9. thanks for being a Fedora fan and for your valuable tips… truly appreciate it.

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