another one bites the dust

with a shocking surprise i’ve heard another compromise, this time by the Spring Framework as they fall into the hands of M$. the Spring folks have sold it’s source to $ 1 billion to bill with no shame.

Spring received a good popularity among the Java users as a good web development Framework despite it’s folly way of using JCA. it has no clue what so ever how to utilise on an application server resources when it comes to interact with a RA (Resource Adapter). despite this acquisition, the Java developer community will be more than happy to see that the problems they have with Spring is fixed. to be precise on the SpringJMSTemplates.

not only us, a couple of ActiveMQ developers shared the same accusation against them with me sometime back and assured that they’re going to notify the general public on these pit falls in Spring. they have eventually published their critics here : . by the way things are happening at present, it’s unlikely to see that the Spring folks are going to fix these nasty dirty patterns.

read the acquisition news article here :

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