Guys.. you know i’m a musik fan.. a heavy metal fan.. the head banging weird musik.. yeah .. that’s mi taste

i dunno what kinda musik YOU LIKE, you listen to .. it could be amaradewa, kapuge OR ill NinO, seether, cHevelle or disturbed..OR nanda maalanie or filter. maybe you could be a big fan of mohideen begh.. yeah true ..cos WE are differeNt!!!

you know what? i like we all being difFereNt..duH!! having dIfFerEnt tastes.. which creates the diversity… we TREASURE that ..YOU should be a different being from US.. yeah you GOTTA be. .. we simply love that. we respect your thoughts.. and for being different

world would be a boring and stupid place to live if we all have the same taste, same thoughts.. same dreams .. just imagine how ugly and stupid if that happens!! yeah we hate being monotonous..

so YOU have an opportunity to show how unique you are and how you differ from OTHERS.. while representing us.. reflecting the diversity .. you can transform your valuable thoughts into a stream of words.. like a fountain of water ….which quenches the thirsty.. yes you CAN.. you can make a difFereNcE

“OK duDe .. TRUE.. but HOW ??”

we have an event coming up on APRIL 18th… the SINHALA BLOG MARATHON aka’s a TWENTY FOUR hour event starting at 8:00PM local time (14:30 GMT)

please do join us. .. let the world know that WEBLOG in Sinhala and we will write content to change lives.. to make this a better PLACE to live.

you can reveal all the dirty tricks of the politicians.. or about your favorite sport..environment, culture, world or maybe you can write about our traditional events..

IN case YOU DON’T have ANYTHING to write.. i meant .. ANY damn thing!! then, BOAST .. BOAST ABOUT YOURSELF.. and LET THE WORLD KNOW, THAT YOU’RE AN IDIOT.. THE BIGGEST FOOL IN THE WORLD.. the BEST DONKEY on the Internet BLOGS. yeah .. if YOU want, YEAH sure, YOU can. NO ONE will STOP you.

BUT, DON’T FORGET the Time and The Date : 18th APRIL – 2008 @ 8:00PM LOCAL TIME

LET’S R0CK 0N!!!

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